Murrieta Single Family Homes Market Report
March 2015

Murrieta CA Home Prices - Median: $358,500; Median SqFt: $158.08

There were 154 homes for sale in Murrieta CA that closed (sold) last month with a median home price of $358,500 and a median price-per-square-foot of $158.08, according to the California Regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service).*

One year ago, 140 single family houses for sale closed with a median sales price of $340,000 and a median price-per-square-foot of $148.19.*

The next two charts on the right show the median sold price trends for single family homes in the City of Murrieta. (Sold prices are the actual amount that buyers paid for the home.)

The first chart shows sold prices over the past 36 months. The second chart shows sold prices since 2002. The blue SOLD line in each chart shows the month-to-month fluctuations in sold prices. The red TREND line smoothes the month-to-month fluctuations using a 12-month moving average. The TREND line makes it easier to determine the overall housing market’s price trend.

*The values shown for each month are based on data measured during that month. For example, values shown for December 2014 are based on data measured from the beginning of December 2014 through the end of December 2014. The information provided is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed.

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